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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your products made of?

*Our takeout containers are all made of sugarcane bagasse- the dry pulp residue after extraction
of sugarcane juice (plastic free and styrofoam free).
*Our bath tissue rolls are made of 100% bamboo without nasty chemicals hence the color is
natural (brown).

*Our cleaning tablets are made of nontoxic ingredients (please see the detailed list on Ayuda Cleaning Tablets page here on our website)

Why should we switch to bagasse takeout containers?

*Single-use plastic and styrofoam containers are full of chemicals that can cause illnesses including cancer.  
*single-use plastic and styrofoam take forever to decompose while bagasse takeout containers can start to decompose after 90-180 days AFTER the container has been thrown away.  It will not decompose while in use or unused.
*you can throw your leftovers easily in the fridge and heat them the next day using these containers.  They are freezer and oven safe!
*bagasse containers are very economical and sustainable.  WE DO NOT CUT TREES to make them.

Why should we switch to cleaning tablets?

We all need to keep our surroundings clean for hygiene (and for covid-19 not to spread). Everyday, every hour (sometimes every minute) of doing this costs a lot of $$. By switching to cleaning tablets, we support the REFILL NOT LANDFILL system that will cut plastic containers use by 70% and it will also cut your cleaning cost by at least 50%.

Why should we switch to bamboo toilet rolls?

We love to say this over and over again: WE DO NOT CUT TREES to make them. Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world! They are members of the grass family. A certain bamboo species can grow 36 inches within a 24-hour period while trees take 15 years to grow only to be cut for paperwood.  Most of all, BAMBOO HAS A NATURAL ANTIBACTERIAL PROPERTY. Definitely good for hygiene and even for the most sensitive skin.

We assure you that you’re getting more than the value of what you’re paying for.  Our small business stands big when it comes to quality, affordability and sustainability.

Why some bamboo toilet papers are cheaper and some are way too expensive?

*First, if it's too good to be true, ALWAYS ASK for a certification or a proof that it is 100% bamboo as some vendors put false labels to trick customers (just like "eco-friendly" "go green" "save our planet" on PLASTIC BAGS a.k.a. greenwashing).

*Second, it can be cheaper due to low quality (less no. of sheets/ply, plastic packaging, not responsibly sourced, raw material used).

*Lastly, the expensive bamboo rolls are sourced from a reseller that carries an established brand- the product travelled a lot (e.g. Manufacturer-US mainland-Guam-FSM)- imagine the shipping cost and taxes added to the product cost!

We carry our own brand, SEHU AND PEHRI, responsibly sourcing them directly from our factory partner. We hired a third party agent for the factories' audit to make sure that our products are ethically made.  

Are you a retailer or a wholesaler?

We have both licenses for distribution. But we are focusing on wholesale distribution as we have partnered up with some local retailers for you to have more access to our products.

P.S. Again, we are carrying our own brand- responsibly sourcing it directly from the manufacturer. :)

How do I order in bulk?  

Please send us an email at for the bulk order pricing.  

*Checks will be accepted from business accounts only.  Bounced checks will be penalized and bogus buyers will be featured on our social media accounts (permanently).

*For bank deposit payments, proof of payment should be emailed before delivery/pick-up.

Do you deliver?

YES. Free delivery (ON GUAM ONLY) for orders $50 and up.  For less than $50 order, we charge a delivery fee (next day dispatch unless next day is a Sunday) depending on your location.

Can you do a meet up?

YES. Between 9am-3pm (Monday-Friday). Please wait for the confirmation message before heading to the location.


Just shoot us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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